Too Much Reality

Too Much Reality: A Tom Story

“Darkness is falling over Oakmere Primary School. How is this possible? Miss Rose has been sacked; somehow over the course of the day my shoes and socks have come off; at lunch someone ran into me carrying a whole jug of juice (drenching me); Ben, Alex, Millie, Louis and Billy have all disappeared, and no one will tell me where they are. My lunch has been stolen by Mr. Sloathington”, thought Tom, as he decided to just curl up on the run-down, broken bench in a dark, muddy corner of the playground where no one usually went. “I don’t even know if this makes me feel better or worse, but Mr. Sloathington and Miss Grumble have announced their engagement.” Miserable and exasperated, Tom started trudging across the playground with a growing sense of confusion – he had forgotten the way to his classroom…

Then Tom woke up; gasping for breath, drowning in a pool of his own sweat and his heart beating like a galloping horse. Immediately he drew the curtains, refreshing daylight flooded in and filled the room. It was then that he realised he was going to be late for school. He threw clothes over his head like a hyper chimpanzee attempting to dress himself. He then sprinted down the stairs and quickly picked up a piece of jam on toast, shouting his mum a swift goodbye, he charged off to school.

Reaching the gate, in a fit of coughs and splutters, Tom peered around. He could not spot Ben or Alex – where could they possibly be? Louis made him jump as he ran up behind him and the two boys continued into school together talking about how odd it was that Tom’s dream was so similar to reality, two of his best friends absent. Just as Tom finished telling Louis about the rest of his hideous nightmare, they were let into class.

A gleeful Miss Grumble told them, after they had settled down, the colossal news. “You will no longer be having your weekly art lesson with Miss Rose, for she has been sacked. Art is as pointless as the teacher who taught you it”, Miss Grumble had a very unusual expression on her face – she was smiling – but she looked like a goat chewing on barbed wire (she didn’t mean to look like this, it was just that she had never smiled before)! On Miss Grumble’s shrivelled old finger Tom noticed a gleaming new diamond engagement ring. He whispered to Louis, “too much reality”.

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