Prank Season Part 3

Just nine days after Ben, Millie and Louis’ hilarious prank had accomplished everything that they had hoped and more (laughs), the troublesome band of Year 6s were on a roll. The third prank was coming up, but this time new recruit Billy was the brains behind the badness.

As Billy and Tom were talking in the park, Billy said “I’m going to give the cola-addicted Sloth a little sticky holiday.” Confused, Tom contemplated this weird phrase, but when he turned to ask Billy what he meant, Billy had disappeared into class like an excited guinea pig running for food, calling over his shoulder “just wait and see.”

“Billy, take the register up to the office,” Miss Grumble ordered rudely. The shady boy took the folder from the teacher’s desk with an innocent smile. As soon as he got out onto the corridor, he broke into a jog, he had to be quick if he was going to make it in time! Opening the door to the male teacher’s toilet he slipped a tool and a bottle out of his pocket and set to work. Thirty seconds later he was done and on his way back to class without the register file.

It was ten past ten and Mr Sloathington was peering down at his watch, “I just have time to nip to the loo,” he reassured himself. He had a slow jog (that was more like a waddle) but to him was quite athletic, and squeezed through the doorway of the bathroom, locking it behind him (with a soft squelch). A few moments later Mr Sloathington tried to open the door: his first problem was that the lock would not budge (jammed like a rock with a good dollop of Billy’s adhesive); his second problem was that he yanked and yanked at the door handle, which came off in his hand (helpfully loosened by Billy earlier that morning).

Meanwhile in the assembly hall the children were having a great time with Miss Rose, who was filling in for the absent Sloth. She had brought a big piece of paper down and was teaching them all how to draw different creatures. She was taking suggestions from the children, unsurprisingly the first one that they asked for was a sloth. The time flew by and before they knew it, it was ten forty so Miss Rose decided to just send them all out to play.

Back in the bathroom, Mr Sloathington was bubbling over with fuming anger, he had tried to knock the door down with his meaty fists, his chubby feet and even his protruding posterior. His voice was hoarse from bellowing for what felt like hours, he slumped against the unyielding door.

It was now lunchtime and Miss Grumble was striding with the most unusual wide grin on her face (it was not used to smiling), she was going to the office of the secret love of her life, Mr Sloathington. “I am here to share my biscuits with…” stumped to see an empty room she decided to go for a look around, hoping he might have gone to her classroom. Mr Sloathington, hearing her high heels clip clopping along the corridor, was flooded with relief, “Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me? I am stuck in the loo.”

Driven by her love for the stinky head teacher she attempted to batter the door down but ended up knocking the door off its hinges, snapping the metal bar of the lock and knocking Mr Sloathington flat on his back, knocking the hairy beast unconscious. As Miss Grumble heroically administered the kiss of life to her scratchy bearded, unshaven friend, embarrassingly whilst a group of seven Year 4 children walked past, they then went on and told every last pupil and staff member about the “romantic” event.
Billy is a genius!

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