Prank Season Part 2

Prank Season Part 2

A little shaking up never hurts!

It was now March and the six rebellious pupils (Millie had joined) were stuck, they just couldn’t find a plan. What they did not know though was that sometimes simple is better, and always more effective. The boys and girl were in Year 6, so SATs practice was in full swing.

Today Miss Grumble needed to take some SATs practice papers up to the Head Teacher, Mr. Sloathington. Miss Grumble was not polite, she was far (very far) from polite – she was a cruel, ghostly stick insect of a woman – anyway, she just shouted “Ben, Louis and Millie, take those boxes up to Mr. Sloathington’s office right this second,” so they trudged slowly and resentfully towards the Headmaster’s office, each lugging a huge box full to the brim with paper.


They finally reached Mr. Sloathington’s office with arms aching like they had just lifted the fat pig of a man (Mr. Sloathington). The office was empty so they looked at each other, nodded, and then set to work. They spelled out ‘you fat hairy sloth’ on the desk with the post-it notes lying around. Then Millie said “wait …
Let’s shake things up a bit.” The three of them immediately dived to the fridge and then manically started shaking all of the cola bottles as hard as they could. As they were going back through the main office they saw Mr. Sloathington going into his pigsty of an office. Mrs Tulip the receptionist stopped them as they were leaving, “Ben, Louis, Millie”
“Oh no, we’ve been caught”, Millie said under her breath.
“Have a sweet” Mrs Tulip continued. As they were having their sweets they heard a huge snort, then the sound of an opening fridge, then PPPHHHEEERRRSSSHHH “AAARRRGGGHHH” Mr. Sloathington screamed. He staggered out of his office drenched in a brown liquid, looking like a squid had got dressed up as a man but didn’t know how to dress himself (his fly was undone). Ben, Louis and Millie hurried back to class in fits of laughter, “That snort sounded like a pig and the scream – that sounded like a nine year old girl. This trumps the last prank by a mile!” whispered the triumphant three.

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