Miss Rose: A Tom Story

Tom’s favourite part of the week was the art lesson on Wednesday afternoon with Miss Rose. The class went to the cramped but cosy art room; that many people said was more like a big cupboard; to have their weekly session of all thing creative (apart from writing). Miss Rose was a smiley young (21 to be exact) teacher who often wore her namesake flower in her hair or on her clothes. She was an enthusiastic, encouraging person who, if you walked past her on the street, immediately gave you a happy feeling. But the best thing about her was her artistic talent, she perfected every flick, every dot and every detail. She was an art mastermind and the pupils … well the pupils loved her.

It was a week and a day since the first prank had succeeded so gloriously. The atmosphere in the school was incredible: everyone was bubbling with excitement (except Miss Grumble and Mr. Sloth, as he was now frequently referred to). The prank remained a mystery, except that Ben and Alex had recruited Louis and Billy from their class onto the team for future pranks. As the pranksters walked into “the cupboard” they saw Miss Rose quickly flick shut her sketch book, but it did not stop Tom from getting a look at what she was drawing, a big fat sloth with green and brown wavy lines radiating from it signifying a horrible smell, holding a can of cola (with more cans strewn on the floor around it). This gave Tom a new spring of encouragement, he had a teacher on his side.

He sat down and carried on his watercolour painting of a jungle river by adding a sloth slouched in a tree asleep. He then took his incredible creation up to Miss Rose (unsurprisingly wearing a beautiful peach rose in her hair) – she smiled in amazement “that is truly astonishing Tom, can you go and show your excellent work to the head teacher please. Oh, before you go, do you like my latest sketch?” She opened her sketch book and produced the most astounding, beautifully funny picture of a truly incredible sloth slumped in a desk chair with cola cans all over the floor. “Like it?” Said Miss Rose, wearing her usual smile. “Yeah, it’s brilliant!” Exclaimed Tom. “Actually Tom, maybe don’t take that painting to Mr. Sloathington” she whispered to him with a cheeky wink, “you know what people are calling him … I wouldn’t want him to think you had anything to do with it.”

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