Prank Season Part 1

A few weeks (of being mentally tortured by Mr Sloathington) later, Tom, Ben and Alex had finally come up with the perfect prank. All they had to do now was to execute their plan, and then just play it cool and no one would know that it was them. The pranksters had started up their engine.

Today was Tuesday 28th January and it was time to put their plan into action. The school hall was their target and it was at a far remote area of the school. So Tom, Alex and Ben crept through the school to the hall, with the package that they had worked on for a long time. Alex (being the tallest) climbed up on a chair and attached the package at the top while Ben and Tom attached it to the bottom. After that it was a swift run back to class.

Before the Troublesome trio of Pranksters knew it, it was assembly time. So they lined up, like everyone else, walked to the school hall, like everyone else, sat down quietly, like everyone else. They just acted like everyone else! Then the assembly started. The first thing that was strange was that the screen was a shade of green similar to bogeys, instead of its usual grey. Then all across the screen in abysmal but gargantuan writing was scrawled “get rid of the stinky sloth (mr slothington).” The whole school was in uproar, some of the kids had puzzled faces, some had worried faces and some of the kids were laughing their pants off.

Miss Grumble was weeping enough to fill twenty very salty rivers. Mr. Sloathington was outraged and blew the roof off the whole school with his shouting. He screamed “no more play for the lot of you until I find out who the culprit was for this”, he pointed at the board with an absolutely disgusted face almost like he had picked up a cup with two week old mouldy tea bags in it. So they sat there in silence for the whole of break. And all of lunch.

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