The Accident

This is my third post of my series all about Tom.

One crisp Thursday morning, Tom was running around with Alex and Ben in the playground.  They were pretending to be Star Wars fighter pilots – just as Tom was about to heroically blow up the Death Star he was tripped up by a clumsy, bumbling Year 3 child.  Tom was sent flying into … Miss Grumble, drenching her, Tom and a skinny little crying girl in tea.


Miss Grumble was enraged, “go to Mr. Sloathington’s office now!” she shouted.  Tom trudged whilst dragging his feet and sorrowfully looking down at the4 floor across the playground and through the school to the dreaded head teacher’s office.  When Tom shuffled into Mr. Sloathington’s office the first thing that he thought was “wow, he drinks a LOT of cola!”  Mr. Sloathington’s face instantly turned purple when he found out why Tom had been sent to him.  Once again the words meant nothing to Tom, this time because he was distracted when he realised what Mr. Sloathington reminded him of: a slow moving, hairy and stinky sloth.  But when he was walking out the door Mr. Sloathington said “and that’s it for your play time.”  Those words really sunk in.


As Tom walked back out to the playground, the first thing he saw was Miss Grumble’s soggy coat hanging on the railings like an ugly stone-grey rag, an awful reminder of his horrible punishment.  He eventually found Ben and Alex and told them what his fate was.  They were all disgusted at the new head teacher’s actions and swore to plot against him.  Prank season had begun.

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