Meet Tom and his friends

I am carrying on with my series about Tom.  In this post you will get to find out about Tom and some of the characters who will appear in later stories.




Alex is a tall, lean, dark skinned boy. He has dark brown close cropped hair. His deepest secret is that he goes to ballet class but he tells his friends he is playing rugby. In his spare time his favourite thing to do is ride his bike, he plays out in the park down the road a lot.   




Is a short, freckly, rounded child with dark eyes and hair. He always has at least one of his shirt buttons undone, he also has his shirt untucked, he wears a cheeky smirk and is always cracking jokes. It is unusual for Ben to be seen not in front of his computer or telly when he is not eating, sleeping or reluctantly in school.




Tom is a skinny and very pale boy. He is not quite as short as Ben but is nowhere near as tall as Alex. He is blond and sporty, he likes running but he prefers long distance running to sprinting. He suffers very badly from Sun Burn and used to suffer from Eczema. He has over one hundred different napkins in his napkin collection!


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