Introducing Tom

This is going to be the first blog of a series of stories about a boy named Tom and his horrible head teacher.


“He had forests growing out of his nose,” that was Tom’s first impression of his new head teacher.  He also noticed that Mr. Sloathington was as wide as a door, smelled distinctly of full-fat cola and his neck was exactly the same width as his quadruple chin.  This was Tom’s first day at Oakmere Primary School; it was also the first day for the head, Mr. Sloathington.  The previous head had a heart attack and dropped dead on Boxing Day, leading to Mr. Sloathington’s immediate assignment.


This was the first day of school after the Christmas holidays: Tom was extremely excited to get off to a good start to his new school and make a good impression on the teacher.  Miss Grumble (the Year 6 teacher) looked somewhat difficult to impress.  She was as thin as a lamp post and her mouth was like a beak, always pulled into a disapproving frown. 


Tom was so eager to start working on his story in English that when he tried to snatch his pen up from the table he accidentally flicked it away from him and hit Miss Grumble in the face.  The enraged teacher ordered Tom to go and see the new head at break time.


Back in Mr. Sloathington’s office, Tom was looking up into the scariest, hairiest nostrils he had ever seen while Mr. Sloathington bellowed angrily at him.  The most disgusting bad breath smell filled Tom’s nostrils, but the sight of the hair and the stench in the air meant that the words being bellowed did not mean a thing to him.  He had not got off to the start he had hoped to.


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