Hammerhead Corvette

This is a story based on Disney’s Rogue One, I really enjoy watching Rogue One so I decided to write a story about it. My story is about the Hammerhead Corvette that pushes one Star Destroyer into the other in the battle at the end of the film.

As we came out of hyper space we joined a battle we would never forget. Almost at once orders came through from Admiral Radis ‘Drive at full power into the Star Destroyer dead ahead, knock it into the next star destroyer , may the force be with you.’

Full speed we careered into the first star destroyer. Boring into its side we forced it into the second Star Destroyer’ completely removing the bridge. The second Enemy Destroyer achieved our goal by obliterating the shield gate. As the shield came down the crew of Rogue One were able to transmit the death star plans.


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