Letter to Sirius from Dumbledore

This is a follow-on from my previous post.  Here Dumbledore replies to Sirius’ letter.

Dear Sirius,
I have read your letter and thought about it very carefully. I have come to the conclusion that you cannot send Harry the details of where you are currently in hiding. But, only where you think it is safe for the two of you to meet.
The reasoning behind this, is that if the letter was to be checked (which is extremely unlikely to happen but it does sometimes) you could be found. You can after all tell Harry everything when he visits you (which I am sure he will). Don’t put anything about where you currently take refuge.
I would quite like to discuss Harry, he has been chosen for the tri wizard tournament. I want to bring this up because he is magically bound to complete all three tasks, so no matter how much you plead with me he has to do it.
The next Hogsmead visit is in exactly two weeks today.
Hope all is well,

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