Letter to Dumbledore from Sirius

This is fan fiction from the world of Harry Potter by the wonderful J K Rowling.  I wrote this because I was absolutely thrilled by the books.  This letter fits into the period when Sirius is hiding in the mountains during the Triwizard Tournament.


Dear Dumbledore,
I have been living, cooped up in this tiny cave, which is stinky, dirty and not at all a nice place to live for some time now. This letter is for many reasons but most of all two questions, they are for the same reason; the first question is, when is the next trip to Hogsmead due to take place?
I know you might be quite shocked at my question, but I will explain it perfectly well, I am asking permission to send Harry a letter containing the details to where I am in hiding so he and his friends Ron and Hermione can visit me?
I and Buckbeak have been getting on very well and I haven’t even had to stretch the packages of food that you have been sending me. This is because I have been letting Buckbeak have night time flies and he usually comes back with multiple dead animals from forests near-by. Buckbeak looks so free and wild when flying something that I shall never feel, and it’s all down to that traitor Pettigrew who got me locked up in that God forsaken place of Azkaban.
I remember the days when I, James, Lupin and Peter would go out laughing, joking playing and pranking, the world seemed that it was good [mind my manners] apart from that grumpy and moody Sniveluss of a Slitherin.
If you are all right with me doing so please send a letter A.S.A.P.
Your forever faithful friend,

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